Rapid Tank Services

Rapid Tank Services

Who are we?



Since may 1995 we are investing in providing a high-quality repair service of tank containers in a safe and healthy environment.

Thanks to our long standing technical know- how we are building a broad experience for testing and repairing tank containers and all this with a great Team Spirit.

Tank Container repair and testing services

We offer:

      • Periodic retest ( 2.5  Year and 5 year periodic checks)
      • Quick repairs
      • In Service repairs
      • Off Hire services
      • Structural repairs to frame, cladding and barrel
      • General overhauling of valves and gaskets
      • Cleaning :outside and inside
      • Cryogenic Tank Containers services
      • Handling and storage capacity

We offer many services

  • High Quality repairs


  • Crystalclear Support

    We try to give you insight in our operations as much as possible

  • Customer Service

    Our customers are our most important asset.

  • State-of-the-art Repair depot


  • Operations

    Working with 20 highly trained repairmen

  • > 25 years experience

    Established in 1995

  • Storage

    over 800 TEU storage

  • Location

    Our depot is excellently located in Antwerp. We also offer arrival with barge and rail .

Cryogenic tank container services

We offer :

      • Tightness Testing
      • Frame touch up’s
      • Nitrogen purging
      • Outside cleaning
      • Overhauling and re-building all types of valves and safety relief valves
      • Vacuum treatment, Pull downs, coldsetting

Rapid Tank Services NV

Haandorpweg 1, Kaai 1227-1229
9130 Kallo

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Haandorpweg 1, Kaai 1227-1229
9130 Kallo

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